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I combine fiction, photography and sections of my music in a weekly Friday post on my Polly Purpose blog.


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Saying Sorry

Relationship / Thriller / Action 

Waking up for the very first time was a strange feeling. I’m not sure why it happened or why it happened to me. I was outside on the garden table where I’d been placed. They’d forgotten to put me in the communal dormitory with the others in the place called The Dishwasher. Certain memories like that came to me. I think I’d always had an underlying sense of what was going on, in the same way as someone dozing on a public bench has, with people milling around them. Having consciousness though, made me notice things. For instance although it was 11am it was as dark as night time. That seemed odd and it made me feel cold. My molecules tensed up. It was eery. I wanted to go to Inside…


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