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A selection of words from music publishers, local businesses, producers and vocalists. It all helps me to stay focused on producing music, visuals and singing. (I haven't included names as the feedback was left on a personal basis.) It would be fantastic to hear what you think, do leave me a message.

All These Things Unsaid

"I have listened to your song and I must say 'I LOVE IT' truly added to [our] playlist moving forward" Art Gallery, Bham UK, Feb 2015


"Hi, We received your track, All These Things Unsaid. We loved the song and would like to pitch it to our client." Sync Agency, Feb 2015


"Thanks for submitting! Really beautiful music. Please send us an we can send you an agreement!" Sync Agency, Feb 2015


"Wow, did you make this? It's beautiful!" Red Hill Pub, Japan, Oct 2014

Coffee House

"Vocals on this are exceptional, in tune and beautiful tone. Unusual harmonies and melodies throughout." Record Label, US, Apr 2015


"Great song! Your video will be on iFame TV on Roku on Monday. Thanks!" iFame TV, Apr 2015


"...we really did like Coffee House very much indeed...Thank you again so much for your time and for such a strong submission." VP of A&R, UK, Apr, 2015


Losing My Lines

"Great vocal harmonies...Top work... great range", Producer, UK, June 2014


"Whatever you do, don't stop making music" Vocalist, Morocco, Dec 2014


"Many thanks for sending in your soundcloud link. I have had a good listen...your work is excellent" Music Publisher, Essex UK, Feb 2014


"We enjoyed listening to your submissions...It’s evident from your work that you are a very passionate writer and we encourage you to continue working on your craft... best of luck in all of your musical endeavours!" A&R Scout, London UK, March 2014

Explorer (Electronic/Hip Hop) - to be released

"Thats a really interesting track. Love the choir chord progressions, spacey fx in the intro and the spoken vocal" Apple 1-2-1 Trainer, Bham UK, July 2012

I'm a self-releasing artist
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