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The story behind "Mother"


When I was in New Zealand with my husband in November 2012, I received a phone call in the middle of the night from my brother. I knew straight away it was bad news. My Mom had 24 hours left to live. There was no way for me to make it back to England to see her. I'm so thankful my brother and sister in law were with her. The doctors said she passed away peacefully without any pain.


I still feel tearful when I think about her not being here anymore. On the last few days in New Zealand before we could catch our flight, a set of words and notes rang out in my ears. Just 8 words and 16 beats that lifted my heart. I clung onto it and decided to turn those words and beats into a song as a tribute to my Mother.


She was an inspirational lady. Artistic, spiritual, a free thinker and resilient. My early years were filled with a wonderful mix of stories about kings and queens in India, creative past-times and beautifully dressed ladies at parties, draped in rich silks and gold jewellery.

So "Mother" is my celebration of the fantasy and reality of my childhood, a combination of story-telling (spoken word) and singing.


I've created a video to go with it using my own images from around the world.

I've realeased this song on the label Studio Vasuvie. It's available from online stores including iTunes.

I'm a self-releasing artist
When you buy my songs from iTunes it supports me to record new songs.

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