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The Different Faces of "Losing My Lines"


This song started off way back in 2002 with a moody tune and darker lyrics when I was writing my demo CD with a producer in Moseley. I wasn’t quite happy with it, and rewrote the lyrics and melody into a fast paced upbeat song for performing live at the time which was fun but challenging (it didn’t leave much room to take a breath!) Finally as a producer myself now, I wanted to give this song one more shot, as the theme still resonates deeply with me. I had a real urge to write something slow and jazzy and also experiment with combining unhappy lyrics with a gentle uplifting melody to see what the result would be. I had lots of fun bouncing ideas around with Dusty Penman (some of them very funny) and also some jamming on a slide guitar that inspired some of the instruments in the track. Send me a message if you want to know exactly what it’s all about…


I filmed the video in different locations in the UK and Canada. It’s probably the first time in my life I’ve been so excited about clouds and downpours and getting opportunities to film them! You can’t tell so much on the video, but it was absolutely hammering it down each time I got the camera out!

I've realeased this song on the label Studio Vasuvie. It's available for you to buy from online stores including iTunes.

I'm a self-releasing artist
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