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My inspiration for "All These Things Unsaid"


Every now and again my good friend Dusty Penman lets me have a sneak preview of his latest music. I put his CD in my car and sing along to the instrumentals. About 3 years ago, I listened to one of his tracks that made an immediate impression and I had a vocal melody straight away.


I was starting out on my production journey at the time and Dusty Penman sent me sound files of his banjo and electric piano. I began writing a new piece of music inspired by his original track which led me to “All These Things Unsaid”. I knew what it was about even singing along to the original.


It’s about being powerfully drawn to someone where even thinking about them sets you alight, and you crave their presence. You enjoy the spark but the mystery of their feelings and intentions leaves you feeling vulnerable. So dare you take the risk to say something?


I created the video using my own images and a banjo photo from Dusty Penman. He also features on the track, playing the banjo and the electric piano in his own studio. The song starts with a 1 minute instrumental, blending orchestral and ambient sounds with an old school beat before layers of smooth vocal harmonies kick in.

I've realeased this song on the label Studio Vasuvie. It's available for you to buy from online stores including iTunes.

I'm a self-releasing artist
When you buy my songs from iTunes it supports me to record new songs.

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