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Browse through my full list of releases below. They're all different, with their own stories and styles. Each one has its own page to tell you more about it, with links to videos of the full songs... 


You can listen to my Instrumentals here.

Coffee House (25 Mar 2015)

I wrote a version of this track in 2006 for an album with Raze, "It's Not Just About Roses". It only had an organ and hip hop beat at the time. With a bigger range of instruments I've jazzed it up. 

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Losing My Lines (18 Feb 2015)

This song started off back in 2002 as a moody, darker song for a demo cd. I've since reshaped it twice and now you can hear the result. It's a jazzy, bluesy song with uplifting chorus sections.
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All These Things Unsaid (21 Feb 2014)

I was inspired by an instrumental from my close friend to write this song. It's about the vulnerability of falling in love, blending orchestral music, an old school beat and vocal harmonies. 
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Mother (20 Jan 2014)
World/Spoken Word

I wrote this as a tribute to my dearest mother who passed away in November 2012. I merge spoken word storytelling, world music and vocal harmonies to take you back to childhood magic. 
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I'm a self-releasing artist
When you buy my songs from iTunes it supports me to record new songs.

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