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My Journey into Music & Art


So it all started when I was knee high. I was inspired by my Mom's oil paintings and chalk drawings framed in the house. She sparked my my imagination with trips to the library and bookshops. I couldn't get enough! She taught me how to paint and I learned to write stories at school (good times)!


My Dad was a keen photographer and put me in charge of the 3D camera (remember those discs and viewers?) He was passionate about music and dedicated the lounge to top quality speakers, a reel to reel and record player. My Mom also sang and played the harmonium and my parents took me to watch classical indian music, dancers, singers, the BBC Philharmonic and ballet. It was all so exciting!


I got my first computer when I was 9 (in the Spectrum days) and programmed it to play "Happy Birthday" in bleeps for my Dad – it felt like an achievement, haha. Around that time I learned to play the classical guitar. When I was 12, I scored my own piece but it was hard to play! I loved singing and dancing in school plays and choirs.


My sister wrote her own songs on the guitar and often played The Beatles. She taught me to harmonise to back her singing lead. That was lots of fun. My brother played classical guitar and the bass. I spent hours listening to him play UB40 and Grand Mater Flash. Before the days of more than 3 TV channels, that was my entertainment - it was magical.


Then the next generation of computers arrived. We had an Amiga 500 and my brother bought drum pads, a keyboard and a sampler to hook into it. I was thrilled by this kit, writing tracks in Octamed and sampling Kate Bush and MJ CDs. Time just disappeared. I sang in a band for a while with some friends before exams, A levels, Uni, and work all took over...until 2002...  Read my biography to see what happened.

I'm a self-releasing artist
When you buy my songs from iTunes it supports me to record new songs.

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