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After my first 3 years of working in the IT industry in Telford I decided I wanted to rediscover my creativity. I especially wanted to sing and had ideas for my own material. I moved to Birmingham in 2002 where I trained with vocal coaches before recording my own songs with Digital Animal, DJ Trax and Raze, performing gigs at local venues.


I featured on two vinyl releases with DJ Trax on Paradox's label Outsider, "Used by You" and "Slip Away" and also a remix by Aphrodite of "Time Swings" by Raze & Lava Flo.


By 2010 my desire to produce my own music in different genres was stronger than ever. My husband DJ Shaolin (who ran Prosession and Autumn from the Ministry Bar and Medicine Bar) helped me to set up my own studio and I found a brilliant tutor Vaughn Jones from Media Recordings.


As a highly visual person, I was craving the imaginative space of bright, rich images as well as "described pictures". I bought a professional camera in 2014 and focussed on producing videos to accompany my music releases whilst becoming more involved in photography.


Then In 2015, I started to explore creative writing again having thought about it for 20 years. This led me to set up my Polly Purpose blog to combine my passions though serliased fiction accompanied with photographs and music. I realised that putting my entire focus on one artform only didn't allow me to express myself as I needed to. I found a great sense of completeness and wholeness when I finally plucked up the courage to break away from prescribed moulds and put it all together.  


If you want to know what happened before all this, read about my happy memories of growing up.

Time Swings

Used By You

Slip Away

I'm a self-releasing artist
When you buy my songs from iTunes it supports me to record new songs.

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