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My three greatest loves in the art world are music, visuals and writing. As a vocalist and music producer I blend different styles together: electronic, jazz, funk, orchestral, world, ambient, and some spoken word. I also love to take photographs with bold colours and contrasts and enjoy creating visuals in the style of short films for my music. Fiction stories are food for my soul and from time to time I explore creative writing. 



Raised as a vegetarian I've always believed true greatness comes from protecting those who are weaker than us. It's exciting helping others discover compassionate possibilities through a vegan diet and life style. If you'd like to use my songs or photos for your vegan campaign or business, or if you'd like some online vegan support, I offer these for free.


Step into my imagination, get to know me and leave me a message.


Lava Flo's biggest production so far

Coffee House took 3 months to make, with orchestral instruments and vocals. Read about it here.

Watch the video of the full song. It's smooth and soulful, take some time out and enjoy the beats.


I'll tell you about my new projects, upload sections of my new work and talk to you online.

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I'm a self-releasing artist
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